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A socially awkward Asian teenager at an all-white school accidentally unleashes his inner demons after his attempt to escape reality goes wrong.

As these inner demons threaten to destroy everything, Abn tries desperately to stop them, while also trying to keep a low profile and progress his otherworldly ability to disappear completely.

x, y, z is a supernaturally charged psychological thriller...

XYZ #1 (of 7)

Weird things start happening as Abn, a socially isolated asian kid in an all-white school, triggers something.

XYZ #2 (of 7)

Big birds and big confrontations culminates in an event that shocks the whole school.

XYZ #3 (of 7)

Abn and Sasha discover somehting monstrous in the school attic.

XYZ #4 (of 7)

Something is coming after Pat. Does Abn even want to stop it?

XYZ #5 (of 7)

Pat and Llew hatch a plan about Abn.

XYZ #6 (of 7)

Abn has faced the void and now he's...different.

XYZ #7 (of 7)

In this dramatic conclusion, Abn and the school face their demons.


Collects the full series.

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